Antisemitismo in Ungheria

Not a surprise and not at all hard to believe. Hungary has always been known for its extreme anti-Semitism, but then the writing has been clearly on the wall as regards the rest of Europe (including, of course, the UK) for some time now.
Many Jews in Europe mistakenly thought that the restoration of our homeland (or at least part of it) in the land of Israel and our national independence would bring an end to or diminution in anti-Semitism, but the contrary is the case. The Europeans do not want us in Europe or in the Middle East. As Israeli author Amos Oz has commented, in the 1930s the graffiti on European walls read: “Jews to Palestine!”, but after 1948 they were changed to: “Jews out of Palestine!” i.e. don’t be here and don’t be there, or simply, what they really want, DON’T BE!



This poster describes a local “hunk” in uniform, fairly similar to the SS, holding a “small” Jew by his hair. The little Jew is ugly, his face distorted, hooked nose and trembling with fear. The pockets are designed to express that Jews have “pockets full of money”.
In case you are wondering, the poster is not from Germany, in the years of 1932 to 1945, but it is printed now, tens of thousands of copies all over Hungary (Date Picture – March 2012). Yes, anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews is rearing its head, and so began the roots that led to the Holocaust of the Jewish people.

This is the best reminder. Spread the picture to as many as possible !!!

About Hungary, Klub Radio call on the Media Council
1. to promptly grant a long-term frequency license to Klubrádió;
2. to provide Klubrádió with a non-commercial free frequency in order to put an end to discrimination;
3. to facilitate reestablishment of the confiscated network by granting Klubrádió the license for 12 country frequencies;
4. to compensate Klubrádió and its listeners for the damage caused;
5. to refrain from relying on legal paragraphs granting the authority unlimited power.
“We ask the President to assist the Media Council in the execution of the above tasks and to open social dialogue about the creation of a new, democratic media act”


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