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Annaviva compie 6 anni. Aiutateci a diventare grandi

annavivaSei anni fa, il 9 maggio del 2008, nasceva a Milano Annaviva. 9 maggio, giornata della Vittoria, in Russia e non solo.

In questi anni l’associazione che vuole ricordare Anna Politkovskaja e portare avanti le sue battaglie, è stata – nel suo piccolo – protagonista di molte iniziative. Abbiamo lanciato raccolte firme per non dimenticare Anna e pensiamo di essere riusciti nell’intento: a Milano e Brescia la giornalista ha un albero alla memoria e a Ferrara le è stata dedicata una strada.

Dallo scorso anno, sempre dopo una mobilitazione di Annaviva, alla Politkovskaja sono stati dedicati i giardini di Corso Como a Milano. A tutte le cerimonie di inaugurazione hanno partecipato (da noi invitati) famigliari di Anna o suoi colleghi della Novaja Gazeta.

Abbiamo organizzato iniziative pubbliche contro la guerra in Georgia, per la liberazione di detenuti politici in Russia, a favore delle Pussy Riot, in sostegno delle opposizioni al regime putiniano, contro l’omofobia durante le recenti Olimpiadi, per la libertà di stampa in Ungheria e la libertà in generale in Bielorussia.

Abbiamo organizzato viaggi di turismo responsabile, soprattutto nei periodi elettorali, a Mosca, Kiev, Varsavia e Budapest.

L’ultima iniziativa milanese, pochi giorni fa, nella nostra “sede”, la Libreria popolare di via Tadino 18, per capire dove sta andando l’Ucraina.

Il nostro sguardo è sempre stato rivolto verso l’Europa orientale. Da quel confine passa, a nostro giudizio, il futuro dell’intero continente. Che non merita di essere dominato da tiranni da quattro soldi (ma con solida preparazione dittatoriale) e da leader politici pavidi e attenti solo al loro (provvisorio) orticello elettorale.

Nel giorno del nostro sesto compleanno chiediamo a chi ha voglia e tempo e magari anche soldi (le iniziative costano, invitare ospiti stranieri costa, affittare teatri e cinema costa) di darci una mano. Iscrivetevi, aiutateci.

È il momento giusto.


Six years ago, on the 9th of May 2008, the association Annaviva was founded in Milan. The 9th of May: Victory day not only in Russia.

In these years, the association, which aims to remember Anna Politkovskaya and carry on her fights, was the promoter of a lot of activities.

We have launched signature-collections not to forgive Anna and we succeeded in it: a tree in Anna’s memory was planted in Milan and Brescia and a street was named after her in Ferrara. In 2013, thanks to Annaviva mobilization, also the gardens in Corso como in Milan were named after her. Anna’s relatives and her colleagues from the Novaja Gazeta always took part to the opening ceremonies, since Annaviva invited them.

We organized lots of public events against Georgia war, for the freedom of political prisoners in Russia, supporting the Pussy Riot and all the opposition parties to the regime of Putin, against the homophobia during the last Olympic games, for the freedom of the press in Hungery and the freedom in Bielorussia.

We are promoters of responsible tourism especially in election times, we went to Moscow, Kiev, Warsaw, Bdapest.

At Libreria Popolare di Via Tadino in Milano, we recently promoted a debate to understand where Ukraine is going.

Our eyes always stare at Eastern Europe. From this border, you can see the future of the whole continent, which doesn’t deserve to be dominated by dictators and political leaders, who only look after their own business.

On the day of our 6th birthday, we ask people, who want and have some time and money, to help us. All our activities have costs: to invite foreign guests, rent cinemas and theatres…. Sign up, help us.

This is the right time to do it.


Le ultime novità da Klub Radio

KlubRadioEcco le ultime notizie che ci arrivano dagli amici di Klub Radio:

Dear Friend,
A judgement will be declared on Tuesday, 5th of March, 8:15 AM in a lawsuit which couldn’t even exist in a constitutional state. A court constructed on the first of January judges in the 4th case of the 95.3 frequency of Klubrádió, after three non-executed non-appealable judgements! This event will be significant not only from the point of view of Klubrádió and the freedom of press but it will indicate the state of the independence of jurisdiction in Hungary.
The scene of the event: Court of Administration and Labour, Budapest 1015, Csalogány str. 47-49.

Kedves Barátunk!
Március 5-én, kedden 8:15-kor ítélethirdetés lesz egy olyan perben, amelyre jogállamban sor sem kerülhetett volna. A 95.3 MHz negyedik perében egy január 1-én létrehozott bíróság dönt, három végre nem hajtott jogerős ítélet után! Ez egy fontos esemény lesz, nemcsak a Klubrádió és a sajtószabadság, hanem a bíráskodás függetlenségének szempontjából is.
Helyszín: Közigazgatási és Munkaügyi Bíróság, Budapest 1015, Csalogány u. 47-49.

Antisemitismo in Ungheria

Not a surprise and not at all hard to believe. Hungary has always been known for its extreme anti-Semitism, but then the writing has been clearly on the wall as regards the rest of Europe (including, of course, the UK) for some time now.
Many Jews in Europe mistakenly thought that the restoration of our homeland (or at least part of it) in the land of Israel and our national independence would bring an end to or diminution in anti-Semitism, but the contrary is the case. The Europeans do not want us in Europe or in the Middle East. As Israeli author Amos Oz has commented, in the 1930s the graffiti on European walls read: “Jews to Palestine!”, but after 1948 they were changed to: “Jews out of Palestine!” i.e. don’t be here and don’t be there, or simply, what they really want, DON’T BE!



This poster describes a local “hunk” in uniform, fairly similar to the SS, holding a “small” Jew by his hair. The little Jew is ugly, his face distorted, hooked nose and trembling with fear. The pockets are designed to express that Jews have “pockets full of money”.
In case you are wondering, the poster is not from Germany, in the years of 1932 to 1945, but it is printed now, tens of thousands of copies all over Hungary (Date Picture – March 2012). Yes, anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews is rearing its head, and so began the roots that led to the Holocaust of the Jewish people.

This is the best reminder. Spread the picture to as many as possible !!!

About Hungary, Klub Radio call on the Media Council
1. to promptly grant a long-term frequency license to Klubrádió;
2. to provide Klubrádió with a non-commercial free frequency in order to put an end to discrimination;
3. to facilitate reestablishment of the confiscated network by granting Klubrádió the license for 12 country frequencies;
4. to compensate Klubrádió and its listeners for the damage caused;
5. to refrain from relying on legal paragraphs granting the authority unlimited power.
“We ask the President to assist the Media Council in the execution of the above tasks and to open social dialogue about the creation of a new, democratic media act”


Budapest, libertà di stampa ancora minacciata

Trasmettiamo un nuovo comunicato da Budapest di Klubrádió:

Media Council: Another Slap in the Face for the Freedom of Press as a Christmas Present
A press release by Klubrádió
The Media council has served its most recent unlawful resolution by courier at half past four p.m. on Friday, 19 December 2012, once again questioning the successfulness of Klubrádió’s application for the 95.3 MHz broadcast frequency tender, though it had already been declared successful by the High Court of Appeal in its final and binding decision on 14 March 2012. The only difference in the Council’s method is that instead of trying to disqualify Klubrádió from the tender on the grounds of “failing to sign the empty pages”, they regard this disqualification as a fact and, “acting within their own competence”, only revoke part of their resolution of last September which claims the tender was successful. In addition, they cite the prosecution’s position statement – which could only be regarded as an expert opinion at most, in view of the several legal and binding rulings of the court. Incidentally, the contents of this opinion is unknown to the party concerned.

Similarly to the one issued before last Christmas declaring Autórádió kft to be the winner, this resolution also has an appeal period of 15 calendar days subject to forfeiture. This work of art is also intended as an “early Christmas present”, leaving only 4 workdays for Klubrádió to prepare and file their appeal. The celebration of love has once again been exploited by the Media Council for furthering their political goals. Perhaps they hope the public outrage triggered by their latest wrongful decision would not be so strong this way.

This procedure is not only unlawful and unfair, but also deeply cynical. This behaviour goes against democratic thinking as well as good manners, just like other, untrue statements in the Council’s resolution, such as the one claiming Klubrádió is charged only 50% of the broadcasting fee even though it is just the other way round: Klubrádió is the only one needing to pay the full price.

Médiatanács: újabb karácsonyi pofon a sajtószabadságnak
A Klubrádió közleménye
A Médiatanács 2012. december 19-én, szerdán délután fél ötkor futárral kézbesítette újabb törvénytelen határozatát a Klubrádiónak. Ebben a Fővárosi Ítélőtábla által már 2012. március 14-én jogerősen eredményesnek ítélt 95.3 MHz frekvencia pályázat eredményességét kérdőjelezi meg ismét. A módszer annyiban változott, hogy a hírhedt „üres oldalak aláíratlansága” ötlet alapján most nem kizárja a Klubrádiót a pályázatból, hanem a kizárást axiómaként ténynek tekinti és csupán a tavaly decemberi, a pályázat eredményéről szóló határozatának azt a részét „vonja vissza saját hatáskörben”, mely szerint a pályázat eredményes volt. Ráadásul az ügyészségre hivatkozik, akinek az állásfoglalása legfeljebb szakértői véleménynek tekinthető több jogerős ítéletet követően. E vélemény tartalma egyébként az érintett előtt ismeretlen.
A mostani határozattal szemben is 15 naptári napos jogvesztő határidővel lehet keresetet benyújtani, csakúgy, mint a tavaly Karácsony előtt az Autórádió kft-t győztesnek kikiáltóval szemben. A mű ezúttal is karácsonyi ajándékként született, ismét mindössze 4 munkanap áll rendelkezésre a kereset elkészítésére és benyújtására. A szeretet ünnepét ismét politikai céljai elérésének szolgálatába állította a Médiatanács. Talán abban reménykedik, hogy így kisebb lesz a felháborodás, amelyet az újabb jogsértő döntése vált ki?
Az eljárás nemcsak jogellenes és tisztességtelen, de cinikus is. Az ilyen viselkedés nemcsak a jogállamiságtól, hanem a jó modortól is idegen. Ahogy a Médiatanács december 19-i közleményének más, a valóságtól eltérő állítása is, például az, hogy a Klubrádió a frekvenciadíj feléért sugározhatja az adását: ellenkezőleg, csak a Klubrádiónak nem szállították le a fizetési kötelezettségét.


Ungheria, la lettera di Klubradio

KlubRadioTrasmettiamo la lettera scritta da Klubradio il 30 novembre:

Dear Media Council,
Lately you have been entertaining the public with lies and misrepresentations of facts on a daily basis. What is more, you have an enormous staff and you spend huge amounts of public money to support your harmful behavior. In this press release, we would like to react to your latest announcement dated 29 November.
“The Media Council has been continuously and reliably providing Klubrádió the opportunity to operate for two years now. In fact, the Media Council allows us to use our frequency by issuing temporary licenses for two-month periods at a time. We only learned on Wednesday that we would be allowed to broadcast next Tuesday. And this has been going on for two years although so far six court judgments have confirmed that we have the right to use a frequency permanently. Your inexplicable behavior causes immense losses to Klubrádió and to its hundreds of thousands of listeners, to the freedom of press and to Hungary.
“(…) the Media Council has reduced the annual fee to HUF 3 million from HUF 11 million for the Kecskemét frequency and to HUF 4.1 million from HUF 8.5 million for the Debrecen frequency of Klubrádió.” You are misleading the public again as you have not reduced the HUF 25 million fee of Klubrádió’s Budapest frequency in spite of the fact that you did lower the fees for all the commercial stations of the country. You were cynics when you claimed that Klubrádió had been left out of the fee reduction with regard to the temporary status of its frequency rights. Also, you keep the rate of reduction confidential in the other cases, including that of Class FM, which could be HUF 100 million or even more. Another of your pets, Lánchíd Rádió is given frequency after frequency in the country free of charge. Also, Katolikus Rádió, Mária Rádió and Európa Rádió don’t have to pay fees either. The help you give us, compared to the help they get, is hypocritical and laughable. Klubrádió and its partners are in a difficult financial situation primarily because of the Media Council’s actions.
“The Media Council still considers the owner of Klubrádió a partner (…)” No, you have never treated Klubrádió as a partner. You offended the public when you wanted to waste Klubrádió’s frequency through a call for tenders issued for stations with a music profile; when you declared Autórádió Kft., which submitted an atrocious offer, the winner; when you did not allow Klubrádió to use the frequency it had won at a tender; when you ignore final and nonappealable judicial decisions and act as if you were above the law.
Dear Media Council, what you do is detrimental

Tisztelt Médiatanács!
Önök immár naponta traktálják hazugságaikkal, csúsztatásaikkal a közvéleményt. Önök kártevő tevékenységüket hatalmas apparátussal, irdatlan közpénzen végzik. Legutóbbi közleményükre (november 29.) reagálunk ezúttal.
„A Médiatanács immár két esztendeje folyamatosan és kiszámíthatóan biztosítja a Klubrádió számára a zavartalan működés lehetőségét”. Kéthavonta hosszabbítgatják ideiglenes engedélyekkel a frekvencia használatunkat. Szerdáig nem tudtuk, vajon jövő kedden sugározhatunk-e. És ez így megy két éve, miközben eddig hat bírósági ítélet állapította meg a tartós frekvenciához fűződő jogainkat. Az Önök áldatlan tevékenysége mérhetetlen károkat okoz a Klubrádiónak, a Klubrádió többszázezres hallgatóságának, a sajtószabadságnak, Magyarországnak.
„… a Klubrádió kecskeméti frekvenciájáért fizetendő éves díjat a Médiatanács 11 millióról 3 millió forintra, míg debreceni frekvenciája díját 8,5 millióról 4,1 millió forintra csökkentette.” Önök ismét félrevezetik a közönséget, ugyanis a Klubrádió budapesti frekvenciájának 25 milliós díját nem csökkentették, szemben az ország összes többi kereskedelmi rádiójáéval. Önök cinikusan a frekvencia ideiglenességével indokolták a Klubrádió kihagyását a kedvezményből. Ráadásul a többi esetben titokként kezelik a csökkentés mértékét, például a Class FM-ét is, ami bizonyára százmilliós nagyságrendű. Az Önök egyik fő kegyeltje, a Lánchíd rádió egymásután kapja a vidéki frekvenciákat ingyenes használatra. Egyébként a Katolikus, a Mária és az Európa rádió sem fizet Önöknek díjat. Ehhez képest az Önök úgynevezett segítsége álságos és nevetséges. A Klubrádió és partnerei nehéz gazdasági helyzetéért a Médiatanács a legfőbb felelős.
„A Médiatanács továbbra is partnerként tekint a Klubrádió tulajdonosára…” – Önök soha nem tekintették partnernek a Klubrádiót, Önök már akkor arcul csapták a teljes hazai közvéleményt, amikor a Klubrádió frekvenciáját zenei formátumú pályázaton próbálták elkótyavetyélni, amikor az Autórádió Kft. minősíthetetlen ajánlatát győztesnek hirdették ki, amikor a Klubrádiónak nem adták át a pályázaton elnyert frekvenciáját, amikor önmagukat törvényen felülre helyezve nem engedelmeskednek jogerős bírósági ítéletnek.
Tisztelt Médiatanács, Önök kártékonyak.

Ungheria, Klubradio e la libertà di espressione

Vi trasmettiamo l’ultimo comunicato diffuso da Klubradio:

KlubRadioThe Media Council’s series of decisions violating the principle of the rule of law is a threat to the freedom of the press

Klubrádió’s press release concerning the latest letter issued by the Media Council’s press office claiming that the authorities do whatever they can to support the radio’s uninterrupted operation

We did not ask for the Media Council’s sympathy about the tender concerning the Esztergom and Tatabánya coverage area in which no winner had been declared. The only reason why this tender was unsuccessful is that the authority had issued an atrocious call for tenders, as confirmed by the Budapest High Court of Appeal. It was the Media Council’s negligence but it is Klubrádió that pays the price. According to the judgment of the Court, the Media Council’s call for proposals had been so irrational and unprofessional that it was impossible to submit a proposal that met the applicable formal requirements. As a result, it is the Media Council’s duty to mitigate the damage caused and issue a temporary license for broadcasting in the two towns.

According to the Media Council’s press release, the Council will do whatever they can to make uninterrupted operation possible for Klubrádió, and they intend to prove this by issuing another 60-day extension (the twelfth of such extensions). However, this statement contradicts the facts as judgment after judgment confirms that that the authority’s procedures have been illegal and the Council refuses to comply with the orders of the court. The Council does not abide by the law, it is a law unto itself.

And the statement that the “Media Council continuously offers cooperation to Klubrádió” is utterly false. The truth is that it does not show any willingness to cooperate. They refused to answer our proposals for solutions and did not react to our requests for negotiation.

With the suspension of the operation of our Esztergom and Tatabánya broadcasting stations, we have made it possible for the Media Council to take immediate steps. The Media Council should allow us to take over the Budapest frequency permanently and should issue a new tender for the two country frequencies that meets the applicable professional and moral requirements. Stop causing more harm!

Budapest, lotta continua per Klubradio

Trasmettiamo l’ultimo comunicato di Klubradio, la radio di Budapest le cui frequenze sono state messe all’asta:

Media Council has it back to front
For months now, the Media Council has refused to execute the court’s final and binding judgement in wilful violation of the law. It is an outright lie that the court’s judgment has disqualified Klubrádió. The opposite is true, as confirmed by several other judgements. The court has disqualified the bid of Autórádió Kft. and at the same time called upon the Media Council to announce a new winner given the invalidity of the earlier winning bid. By failing to do so, the Media Council is flying in the face of the freedom of speech and is giving Hungary a bad name throughout the democratic world.

The Media Council has it back to front. Its task should be to promote the freedom of speech instead of trying with all its might to undermine it. Klubrádió.

Secondo concerto Klub Radio

I biglietti sono disponibili anche presso la sede prima dello spettacolo!

Jegyek a helyszínen is kaphatók a koncert előtt!

Tickets are available also at the scene before the concert!

Secondo concerto Radio Club. Vieni e porta tanti amici con te!

Gyere és hozz magaddal még legalább egy-két-három embert!

2nd concert for Klubradio. Come and call others, too!

Klub Radio, conferenza stampa a Budapest

Inoltriamo un comunicato stampa dell’amico Andras Arato (nella foto), giornalista di Klub Radio che il regime ungherese sta cercando in tutti i modi di chiudere:

“Cari Colleghi, vi invitiamo a una conferenza stampa. Grazie per l’attenzione che ci avete riservato e per, per i reportages che avete realizzato e che hanno dimostrato come i media di tutto il mondo considerano significativa la sorte di Klub Radio.
È difficile comprendere il continuo flusso di notizie che hanno modificato la legge ungherese dei Media. Ma la volontà è chiara: dapprima silenziare Klub Radio, poi prevenire ogni ricorso giuridico per il futuro.
Il nostro dovere è quello di aiutare i colleghi nella raccolta di informazioni.
Questo è il motivo per cui organizziamo una conferenza stampa alle ore 10:30 il 17 maggio al Ristorante Symbol (Budapest, III. Becsi ut 56.).
Speriamo di potervi salutare lì”

Della vicenda e della situazione ungherese più in generale si è occupata Annaviva più volte con incontri, presidi e un viaggio di turismo responsabile a Pasqua. Ci auguriamo che i nostri amici possano trovare presto una maggior libertà nel proprio Paese

AnnaViva e l’altra Budapest amano l’Ungheria

Dopo aver manifestato a Milano sotto l’ambasciata ungherese e aver ospitato Andràs Arato, direttore dell’emittente radiofonica Klub Radio, tra le vittime della stretta autoritaria del premier Viktor Orban, AnnaViva è stata a Budapest per un’altra tappa di turismo responsabile. Dal 5 al 10 aprile abbiamo incontrato esponenti della società civile ungherese che ogni giorno lottano e protestano contro la deriva nazionalista imposta dal Viktator (gioco di parole tra il nome di battesimo del primo ministro e la parola ungherese “dittatore”), che sfida l’Europa e porge il fianco al dilagare di teorie negazioniste dell’estrema destra.

Nell’ultimo anno e mezzo, l’Ungheria ha assistito a un progressivo smantellamento dei principi sui quali si fonda una democrazia liberale. Bavaglio alla stampa, limiti all’indipendenza del ramo giudiziario e a quella della Banca centrale ne sono solo un esempio. Le modifiche apportate alla Costituzione senza alcun dibattito parlamentare stanno pesantemente limitando le libertà individuali e i diritti civili. Ci sono giornalisti che ogni giorno si chiedono se potranno andare in onda, come gli 80 professionisti di Klub Radio, e altri che da 120 giorni portano avanti lo sciopero della fame, come Balàzs Nagy-Navarro, licenziato dalla tv di Stato per essersi opposto alla censura.
A questo si aggiunge il nuovo piano regolatore approvato dal governo che sta cambiando il volto della capitale del Paese. Le autorità hanno infatti deciso di rimuovere dalla piazza davanti al Parlamento le statue del poeta dissidente Attila Jozsef e quella del primo ministro Mihaly Karolyi, noto per le sue simpatie socialiste. Occorre fare spazio alla creazione di un parcheggio sotterraneo,  ha spiegato il governo. Secondo la società civile ungherese, invece, dietro a questa scelta si nasconde un più ampio progetto politico volto a riscrivere la storia del Paese.